PEI: convert their GIS shape file to KML

The government of Prince Edward Island provides some data, not quite Open-data, in the form of GIS shape-files, like SHP, SHX and DBF. Some of the data is free and others are provided at a cost and to download any of them requires you give your email. The website is here: .

If you wish to convert these files into KML for use in Google Maps and Google Earth do this:

  1. download the free software, shp2kml.exe (at
    2. download a dataset (a ZIP file containing several files) here: and unpack the ZIP file
    3. start the shp2kml.exe program, go into the folder where the ZIP was unpacked, select the SHP file and convert it to a KML (readable by Google Maps and Google Earth)
    4. this KML file is 35 MB large because it is for the entire province.

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