Interactive Map: Benefits for authors and readers

The Interactive Map Viewer allows readers to access the author’s geographic data in a familiar and easy way, offering more functionality than regular maps, such as zoom, pan, and show data on mouse over.

And also… Mississauga Data Adds KML to the Open Data Formats

Mississauga Data is planning to release the following data sets in KML format:

  • Multi Unit Residential Housing Inventory
  • Natural Areas Survey
  • Vacant Lands Inventory
  • 2010 Mississauga Employment Survey (a sample of the top 100 employers)
  • 2010 Existing Land Use Survey
  • New Planning Districts, now called Character Areas in the New Official Plan
  • Office Inventory (planned for late 2011 release);jsessionid=B32YDLJ252KPPTRPH3XD5XWOF25W4PW0?paf_gear_id=9700018&itemId=108800525n

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