City-Wellness Atlas began as a civic pride project that thought to pick up the endeavor of existing community building efforts by strengthening engagement and resolve through giving better info in a friendly, appealing and free interactive format that is compatible on internet phone and web. It seeks to train volunteers to become familiar with Open Data and when possible earn income through commercial project work involving non-Open Data on the Google Maps platform.

I am a BA (Economics), cMBA, pre MBA to Laurentian University
42 years old and formerly married, City-Wellness Atlas is one of my start-up companies
I am a professional internet marketing specialist with two active companies, apart from and independent of City-Wellness Atlas called The Culture of Proof, an ad supported daily digital magazine and Independent Internet Marketing
Vietnamese-Canadian, born a royal family member in another time and place
Sleeps little
Mr. AnhTu (Derrick) Phuc Hoang

My career CV

“The Canada Tibet Committee: “Since he joined our team as webmaster and digital adviser, the organization has benefited from his vision and initiative. (Derrick) applies his technical skills with a keen eye to advancing our broader organizational objectives. He learned the ropes very quickly and has proven to be exceedingly reliable and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend (Derrick) on both a personal and professional level.”