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Lifestyle(Economy) x Data = Well-being
Lifestyle(Economy) x Data x Map = Quicker to Well-being

See our recommended disclaimer if you wish to showcase an Open Data app.

Put Your Stories To Places

Our good-cause products are created voluntarily as we earn revenue from commercial clients and media titles to create custom maps that are a powerful distribution vehicle for stories and events in the settings where they take place, free to their customer-base. Our sales presentation takes up 5 minutes to address all of your questions

When it comes to digital marketing and SEO for your business, it’s important to look beyond just your website. For local businesses, a strong online marketing effort requires an investment in local directories, maps and review sites, too. By now, you understand the importance of working with local maps and directories such as Google Maps and Yelp…this type of site will often rank above your own website — as such, you must be present there. ~ Google Maps, Yelp & Local SEO In 2015

Above, try the live interactive map of Tibet Under China(c) written by the Friends of Tibet and created by City-Wellness Atlas. Click icon to start

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Where To Get Our Mobile Maps

You can find us on the City of Toronto and UK-Greater London Authority website, soon on the Government of Canada website. These maps are found in the Google Maps Gallery.

How Do Our Maps Help Cities


City-Wellness Atlas helps residents navigate their lifestyle better within the city. It contains open data on census, alternative-fuel locations, fare outlets, library hours, neighborhood health clinics, parks info, police info, affordable housing and any other data the city makes open, with a tourism video included where possible. Everything is on an attractive interactive map that can run on Android or web off the Google My Maps app (which is free). City Guides by City-Wellness Atlas is donated free of charge for time and labor. City-Wellness Atlas does however provide commercial service for non-civic projects.

Installation Directions

To put it on your internet phone, follow the directions to install Google My Maps app at our F.A.Q.

If you are a city, feel free to link or embed any City-Wellness Atlas on your website (that would be appreciated) and notify us so we can proudly display your logo on our website. Please bookmark this URL to visit again. See our recommended disclaimer if you wish to showcase an Open Data app.

Get Involved

City-Wellness Atlas is both a civic engagement project to utilize open data for the benefit of people who want to live even better in cities and our civic products are created and updated voluntarily, but we also provide commercial service on non-civic projects.

We are continuously looking for product-managers who are interested in volunteering in creating and maintaining maps for a city, bundled under the City-Wellness Atlas brand to help users find them.

City-Wellness Atlas will train you in working with data-sets with Google Maps before letting you go on to populate and maintain your map. Send an email if you are interested in getting involved. Use with ‘City-Wellness Atlas’ in your subject-line. You can also contact us to work on your commercial product or media title. Please bookmark this URL to visit again.

Check out the latest updates to our maps on the Updates page.