TRAVEL| Historic Districts & Old Towns in the World

One of the most romantics atlases you will ever see. Historic districts and old towns in the world. Source: Google My Maps app is free.

Major Wars by Death Toll Visualized on Globe

Major wars in the world with a minimum of 25,000 deaths. Source of information noted in the map. Citywellness Atlas — Map for mobile. Download the Google My Maps app to keep this map:

Deadliest mass shootings since 1949 in the United States of America

CANADA IN USA: If licensed therapists with unearned credentials are offering services on the web, it is the same as online Canadian pharmaceutical scams!  Here is data on mass shootings in the United States of America where there were 10 or more deaths.   Citywellness Atlas — Map for mobile. Download the Google …

Health Workforce Migration by the OECD

Counts the number of doctors in country by their home country, in the year 2016, in total and segmented by home country. What might be gleamed? Take for example the USA and Canada, where there are 1 foreign trained doctor per 1391 people but in Canada, 'he's flipping burgers' (article). Citywellness Atlas — Map for …

Canada Career Opportunities: Industry Index by Province

This original analysis, in conjunction with City Wellness Atlas, takes the information of business counts by province, and creates one additional step, which is to index the industries by population. This unique variation shows the industries where workers might be more in demand. Something like it is by the Government of Canada and says "Newfoundland …