Median Age of Countries

The median age at which the population of these countries are split evenly, by gender and in total and the gap between men and women. Source is Visualized by CityWellnessAtlas


Touring Top 10 Metros In The World.

From the Frommer's article and visualized by City Wellness Atlas with video tours across the world from contributors. Attributions are inside this visualization, including Frommers Top 10 Metro Systems.

Canada University Program Enrollment (Full Time, Provinces)

Too many in Humanities and too few in sciences, mathematics and computers. Full time university enrollment. 2016/2017. Statistics Canada. Source: Statistics Canada. Table null Postsecondary enrolments, by program type, credential type, Classification of Instructional Programs, Primary Grouping (CIP_PG), registration status and sex

University Networks In Terms Of Enrollment From Wikipedia

"This list of largest universities by enrollment (in-person, distance and mix) in the world includes total active enrollment across all campuses, as well as off-campus study." Source: This map is also available on the free Google My Maps platform and mobile app.


Current sites in 2019: "The goal of the Archaeological Heritage Resource Management Program is to manage the archaeological resources found on TRCA lands with respect to legislative requirements and approved technical practices." Source: Get the Google My Maps on Google Play for custom maps by user community, including those by CityWellness Atlas.