Free Mobile App

There are two apps you can choose from; a free Google My-Maps app (to use these maps) and a free WordPress app to follow this blog while managing your own.

Free Google My-Maps app for mobile.

  1. Download the Google My Maps app at the Google Play Store (it’s free) 
  2. Log into your Google Account, once the app is started,
  3. To view a list of maps available to your account, touch the   Folder icon
  4. To search for maps, enter text “Citywellness atlas” in the Search box.

Source: Google Support Forum. If you feel any of the City-Wellness Atlas is worthy, please remember to leave a star-rating for that map, at some point.

Free WordPress app for mobile.

The app homepage links you to iOS and Android versions. Follow this blog and manage your own (one day) with the free WordPress App for all platforms (except Windows? Why not Bill guys?).